Bingo or Keno? What is the Best Choice?

Bingo or Keno? What is the Best Choice?


Online Bingo games are as popular as their equivalent land–based games. This game has many variations of the game but basically it involves getting a sequence of numbers that the Bingo machine calls. You are given a Bingo card and the numbers there are often conveniently arranged (in a cross or diagonal) to make it easier to finds the winning numbers. There are also harder versions of Bingo such as Blackout or Coverall – where the entire card is covered with numbers.

Playing Online Bingo:

  • The Bingo machine reveals a sequence of numbers, which you must match on your card. The Bingo system also records your numbers using the ‘auto daub’ function.
  • To mark off your numbers manually, switch off the ‘auto daub’ function (don’t worry, the system still knows your winning numbers)
  • You win when you complete your card first. Multiple winners split the winnings.

Progressive Bingo Jackpots

The Progressive Bingo game comprises all unclaimed Bingo money being pooled to form a large jackpot that can attract many more players. Often a casino will have a second Jackpot (like a Super Jackpot) that is activated from time to time. This is an added incentive to join the game. Imagine winning the Progressive and Super Jackpots together?!


This game is also called Chinese Lottery. It is a combination of the speed of a slot game and the user friendliness of a Online Blackjack game. The main purpose is to select 10 numbers and have these matched up with one of the 20 numbers that Keno machine selects.

How to play Keno

1) There are two buttons – BET ONE (to bet with a single token) and BET MAX (to bet with four tokens). To bet three tokens, press BET ONE three times.

2) A player who has fixed his or her bet can then allocate the same numbers to other games by clicking the PLAY FIVE, or PLAY TEN buttons.

3) The player’s board shows the winning numbers.

4) Whoever gets all 10 numbers correct the first is the winner.

Progressive Keno Jackpot

If you are an experienced player of regular Keno can move on to advanced Keno Jackpots, where you can win cash sums of prizes of $50,000 and more.

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