The Most Famous Online Casino Games

The Most Famous Online Casino Games


The purpose of this highly popular game is to score as close to 9 as possible. Not as in all the other card games, the highest ranking cards – A,.K,Q,J,10 – are all valued at 0. Ace is counted as 1. It is the low cards that count. A player can either bet on his own results (Punto) or on the results of the Banker (Banco). That is the reason it also called Punto Banco. A player can choose to be the Banker, in which case he will pay 5% of his winnings to the casino as commission.


To get two or three cards that come closest to 9 and to reach this point before the Banker.
If the numerical value of your cards reaches double figures, only the last digit counts – so 13 becomes 3.
There is no ‘Bust’ situation.

Baccarat Rules

The player and the banker both get 2 cards. If the player gets 5 or less, he or she can get a third card – ‘Hit’.
When the total reaches 8 or 9, this is ‘Stand’ – no more cards can be dealt.
Once the player stands, the banker can get a third card.


Basically 5-Card Draw is considered to be one of the simplest variations of Poker. It has most of the principles of playing poker and other poker games are usually an elaboration from this point. In general Poker uses all the 52 cards in the pack, Aces have the highest score and the players are dealt their hands one card at a time by the dealer.

Ranking of Poker hands

Royal Flush – Sequence of five cards in same suit, starting with Ace

Straight Flush – Other sequence in same suit that is not Royal Flush

Four of a Kind – Set of four Aces is the best

Full House – A three-card and two card set – 2Q and 3J for example

Flush – All cards from the same suit, no need for sequence

Straight – All cards in sequence, but no need for same suit

Three of a Kind – Set of three Aces is the best

Two Pair – Couples of cards, such as 2 Jacks and 2 9s

One Pair – Two of the same cards, like Kings

High Card – One person has Ace, nobody has anything higher.

Basic Rules

  • Place money in the Pot. This matches other starting bets. Receive your 5 cards.
  • Decide how many cards to change (up to 3)
  • Continue with one of these bids:
    Open: To start the bidding.
    Check : To delay making a bid, turn moves to the next player
    See : Deposit the equivalent amount to other players to keep playing.
    Raise : Increase the betting amount and discourage other ‘See’ bids.
    Fold : In case your hand is weak you leave the game,Lose your first bet.
  • Change up to three cards with the dealer
  • Win when your hand is closest to Royal Flush.

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